Well, hello there!

I’m Amanda Fuller, welcome!

This is my little online space to share my adventures and discoveries as I embark on a journey to A Fuller Life of health, happiness, travel and beauty.

Located in Sydney, Australia, I’m a Graphic Designer by day, a TV-a-holic by night and an overthinker/oversharer most of the time. I’m a daughter, step-daughter, sister and an aunty to two mischievous munchkins. Family is super important to me.

I started blogging in 2009 and have written on everything from weddings to weight loss and just about everything in between! After a break, I’m back, because I find writing about life and sharing it with others is both therapeutic and rewarding and I have met some of my closest friend through the blogging/social media world. Plus, being an introvert, blogging allows me to express my thoughts more freely than when face-to-face with the world.

Sometimes, I’ll be sharing on topics that are still often taboo and hold a stigma in our society, but they are a part of life for millions of people, like me, so this is a place to be open about them. There will also be a good dose of fun and prettiness too!

I’m a Christian (don’t worry – not one of those Bible-bashing ones), a water baby, lover of fury creatures, huge cheesecake fan and music makes me happy!

That’s enough about me! Why don’t you get in touch, follow along on Instagram or Facebook and let’s connect!

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