My Weight Loss Story… So Far

I’ve always been overweight, even as an active child, I was chubbier than all my friends! It’s part genetics, partly to do with having sleep issues my whole life, and partly due to disordered eating which started very young and food addiction (especially junk food).

Of course I tried everything under the sun to try and shift the fat; obesity clinics, Weight Watchers, VLCD shakes, Sure Slim, and health retreats.

In 2006 went under the knife and had a Gastric LAP Band placed on my stomach. To cut a long and traumatic story short, I had major complications and the band was removed in 2010. I had initially lost about 20kg with the band, but due to the complications and other factors put all that back on and much more.

I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2014 and spent the next 12 months drastically changing my diet and lifestyle habits – despite this was diagnosed as diabetic in 2015. I had done all I could and it wasn’t enough. I knew something drastic had to be done.

On February 8, 2016 I underwent weight loss surgery again and had a Gastric Sleeve procedure. This, combined with a LOT of hard work, diet changes, work on my spiritual life, therapy for my disordered eating and lots of exercise, has been the most successful I have ever been at losing weight and changing my life.

From January 1, 2016 when I started the pre-op diet and weighed 212.6kg (468lb | 33.5st) to January 2017, I have lost 75kg (165lb | 11.8st)! I still have a way to go, but I am more than half-way to my goal of weighing 85kg (187lb | 13.4st).

What I’ve learned from my journey so far, is weight loss is so not about the food, and I intend to share my ups, downs, and lessons about all this with you here on the blog from time to time. Or follow my journey on Instagram @amandanotsofuller.

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