My Mental Health Story

I have a long history with troubled mental health. I was a fearful and anxious child, scared of anything and everything – especially anything new or unknown! I experienced my first major episode of depression when I was 9 years old.

My second was at age 16-17 when it was thought I had chronic fatigue, but was finally diagnosed with sleep apnea, which had gone undiagnosed since birth. I spent more time at home, than I did at school, which lead to deep depression.

Then in 2008 at age 26 I was diagnosed with Reactionary Stress Disorder, Major Depression and severe Anxiety due to a number of traumas that happened in my family and to me personally. This was the darkest part of my life, which I have come so far towards healing from, but still battle with.

Throughout all this I developed a terrible relationship with food formed very disordered eating habits, and an addiction to food, especially junk food.

I have had the help and guidance of Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors and Pastors through all this, as well as medication from time-to time.

There are some OCD tendencies in me too and I am definitely very sensory-sensitive; especially to noise. I have a suspicion I am very low on the spectrum, like many creative people are.

I will be sharing insight, triumphs and challenges here, in the hope that is may help someone to not feel alone in their own struggles.

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